Shropshire Peer Counselling and Advocacy Services
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PCAS Helps any adult aged 18+

You may have a combination of any of the below but regardless of your condition PCAS can help people with any disability

  • You might have a Physical Disability3d abstract running doctors
  • You might be Partially Sighted
  • You might have a Learning Difficulty
  • You might have a Mental Health Issue
  • You might have an Acquired Brain Injury
  • You might have Asperger’s
  • You might have Alzheimer’s

We also work with people over 65 so no one is discriminated against.

Shropshire Peer Counselling & Advocacy Service is Independent and not for profit free service.

Our advocacy service is free of charge

We were awarded the QPM May 2017 and this award applies to: Our Advocacy Service.