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Putting People First

All of the advocates at PCAS adhere to the code of practice for advocates to ensure that they always put people first. Some of the main points that the advocates follow for instructed advocacy are ;

  • Gathering and presenting up to date and accurate information to help clients make informed choices but NOT giving advice.
  • Listening to clients and discussing options but NOT imposing views or opinions.
  • Talking to and corresponding with family members or other professionals with the client’s permission but NOT making decisions or choices on the behalf of the clients.
  • Representing the person’s expressed views and wishes but NOT taking action independently of the client.
  • Agreeing to a plan of action and identifying initial outcomes and timescales with clients but NOT being prescriptive or inflexible.

These are just a few of the points our advocates follow to help the clients receive the services and help they need.

Shropshire Peer Counselling & Advocacy Service is Independent and not for profit free service.

Our advocacy services are free of charge.

We were awarded the QPM May 2017 and this award applies to: Our Advocacy Service.