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Is It Wrong…

Do any of these statements relate to you or someone you know?

If they do please get in touch with us to talk about how we maybe able to help.

It is wrong ….

  • To move you or make other decisions without knowing your views3D Character and Unsuccess
  • For anyone to decide to spend your money for you without asking
  • To give you medical treatment without informed consent
  • To have to put up with physical or sexual abuse
  • For your keyworker to change without asking you
  • To feel afraid in your own home
  • To be disbelieved when you want to be listened to
  • To be stopped from complaining
  • To be stopped from seeing anyone you want
  • To be denied opportunities to go out and enjoy yourself because of your behaviour
  • To have your possessions taken away
  • To be locked in your room
  • For your views and choices to be ignored
  • To be denied knowledge of your rights, or information about your treatment and service options
  • For anyone to shout at you, or be rude
  • To be discriminated against because of your gender, religion, race, culture, disability or sexuality
  • To have to live with someone you don’t like
  • To not have access to meetings that concern you

Shropshire Peer Counselling & Advocacy Service is Independent and not for profit free service.

Our advocacy service is free of charge

We were awarded the QPM May 2017 and this award applies to: Our Advocacy Service.