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What is advocacy and do I need help?

PCAS provides advocacy for adults with any disability or impairment who have a problem and need someone’s help to speak up for them or support them.

Your problem could be:38

  • Your money/finances
  • Relationships with family or carers
  • Changes to your support or care package
  • making complaints or compliments about services
  • making a choice about where to live

The above are just a few things that PCAS can help with there are many more.

If you ask PCAS for help, we will find you an Advocate who can get to know you and find out what help you need.

Your advocate will meet you at your own home or place of your choosing.

The advocate will help and support you until your problems have been sorted.



Does this sound familiar?

Here are a few examples of how PCAS can help

* No one ever seems to listen to my point of view

* I am feeling low at the moment

* What are my options

* I need some support (Just don’t know what)

* How do I get help from Social Services?

* My partner needs to go in to a care home and I don’t know where to start

* I need help when writing letters.

If any of this sounds familiar then maybe we can help

Shropshire Peer Counselling & Advocacy Service is Independent and not for profit free service.

Our advocacy service is free of charge. 

We were awarded the QPM May 2017 and this award applies to: Our Advocacy Service.